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Pontefract Cakes
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Pontefract Cakes by Bah Humbugs are delicious Liquorice sweets which are available online or in their North Yorkshire sweet shop based in Masham, established in 2004.

So what’s special about these tasty liquorice sweets? Well they are a ‘best of British’ Sweet which have been around for years, dating back to 1614! Pontefract Cakes, also known as Yorkshire Pennies and Pomfret Cakes, were made not too far from the Masham sweet shop, in a place called Pontefract.

These delicious soft coins made by Taveners have a smooth texture but are rich in taste making them a firm favourite to customers in the Masham sweet shop and online.

If you are a Liquorice fan, Bah Humbugs have a wide selection of retro treats for you, and as well as Pontefract cakes, they offer Liquorice Cuttings, Liquorice Torpedoes and a liquorice hamper alongside their many other retro sweet hampers.

Liquorice is ideal for any occasion and can certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face, reminding people of their childhood. Liquorice Cuttings are similar in taste to the Pontefract Cakes but are a bite-size making it a perfect afternoon snack if you are after something sweet.

Liquorice Torpedoes, also available in sweet buckets, are another favourite from the 80s sweets selection, wrapped in a hard candy shell. During the war women used to paint their lips with the red torpedoes, and we are sure children still do this today! Bah Humbugs also offer Liquorice Comfits, a smaller version of the Torpedoes, if you want to look a little more ladylike when chewing on these.

The liquorice sweet hamper is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas or even as a thank you gift. Full of all of your liquorice favourites including, Liquorice Toffees, Liquorice Sticks and Blackcurrant & Liquorice, this hamper will not disappoint and will take the gift receiver on a trip down memory lane.

To view the Pontefract Cakes selection, along with the extensive range of liquorice sweets offered at Bah Humbugs, please visit www.bahhumbugs.com. As well liquorice sweets they offer a huge range of retro sweets including Pear Drops, Toffees, and Catherine Wheels. All orders are shipped the same day if you order before midday, Monday to Friday and can be shipped to any UK address and many countries worldwide.